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Spire of Remembrance is a top-down dungeon crawler where you play as a spirit who can only interact with the world or fight by possessing enemies. It offers the player a choice of brute force combat, stealth, or puzzle-solving through the different enemies and paths the player can take. In the final version, the story will be about a spirit who awakens in a tower with no memory of who they were in life. As you progress up the tower, you will recover memories of your life, and the decisions you made will depend on the way you have played the game. Factors such as which enemy type you possess the most, how many enemies you kill, how many enemies you manipulated to kill each other, which enemies you kill the most of, and how often you left behind enemies that you had possessed to die, will all impact your character's decisions, leading to several different climactic deaths they could have faced.


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Cleared the demo! I like how it shifts from puzzle to action depending on enemy placement and level design. Got stuck once in a room exitable only by rat tunnels when the possessing timer ran out, and died in spirit form by water/chasm (I didn't notice my health dropping, and I think they should just work like barriers instead), but it went pretty smoothly.

Thanks for playing! I didn't want the chasms to work like barriers because I wanted you to be able to run enemies into them if you want. But I will at least add feedback to make it clear you're losing health when that happens. I have a few changes planned that will fix the problem you had with the rat tunnels. I'm going to change the role of stamina so that it won't force you to depossess enemies, make it impossible to depossess while inside rat tunnels (or over chasms with a bat), and make rats and bats respawn where they're the only way to reach somewhere.

That makes sense! Keep it up :)